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About us

Thiên Hà Thủy (THT) – production company in Vietnam

The company is located in Nha Trang, a small rather touristic city with one of the most beautiful beaches of the vietnamese coast (the history of MamaMotion explains the connection). It was founded in 2012 when we asked our vietnamese friends to start an export service for us. Back then our products were made by subcontractors and then packed and exported by THT. Soon THT made quality checks, reworked products and finally started production themselves.
In very close communication with MamaMotion, THT now makes all our products with a team of currently 50 employees (in 05/2020).
We decided for „in-house“ production because only by doing this we can consistently assure high quality and good social standards.

Our long-time friend Ngoc Anh and his wife Hai play a central role in this close relationship. With their team they currently process five container shipments a year. The main part are Kumja products, but also booties, dickeys and other accessories for babywearing. In June 2017, production of the MaMo baby carrier started at THT as well, which is a huge challenge, since a totally new production line had to be set up.

At THT people work in a semi-shift system: the first shift starts at 6 am and ends at 2 pm. The second shift works from 2 pm to 9 pm and the third… is not a night shift ;) But it is a special shift for women with kids. They work from 8 am to 5 pm to be able to have a family life.

Employees work in teams with one person as a team leader and have regular meetings to have clear agreements on organizatorial issues to create a comfortable working atmosphere.

Wages are between 6.820.000 Vietnam Dong and 13.640.000 VND. With an exchange rate of 1 EUR/24.990 VND (05/2020) that makes about 272 to 545 EUR per month. Plus an extra monthly salary for TET, the vietnamese new year. All employees have a solid health care and pension insurance.
Monthly working hours are 42 h. Summed up, this a good to high standard in this location in Vietnam.

This is the official address of THT: CTY TNHH XNK THIÊN HÀ THỦY 99 Nguyễn Thị Định, Phước Long, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa Vietnam
If you have any questions: Ms. Nhu Thi Pham




MamaMotion – Kerstin Ursinus, which is the official name of the company, is outfitter for mums and dads. We sell our own products as well as trade products online and in our local stores.

MamaMotion is established as a specialized company for babywearing products, having about 40 employees (Spring 2019). Fairness and respect towards colleagues and customers are basic values to us and the core of our philosophy.

Our products, made at THT, are:

* Kumja the coat extension (summer and winter version) –
* over 100 types of zip adapters
* Accessories for Kumja (rain cover, broadening panels, Huckepack for back carry, etc.)
* Babywearing booties
* Babywearing dickey
* MaMo baby carrier system –
MamaMotion official address:
MamaMotion – Kerstin Ursinus
Leinaustrasse 15
30451 Hannover
Phone: +48 511 44989794 Mail: