Your clothes are made by humans!

What is TiMo?

The TiMo project is a direct link between the people who manufacture and the customers who buy the products in Germany and all over the world.

Our employees in Vietnam who take part in the project, have an individual name card they can enclose with the products.

Find out about who made your product and at the same time give our workers in Vietnam an idea about who bought and uses it.

It´s easy! Just send a WhatsApp message. We translate it and directly forward it to our colleague. Her/his answer will just as well be translated for you.

The long story:

Our production company in Vietnam is Thien Ha Thuy, working exclusively for MamaMotion. It is located in south central Vietnam, in the beautiful city of Nha Trang, about 250 miles (400 km) north of Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon).

Our team of currently about 40 employees (January 2018) is closely connected with our team in Germany. We have daily to weekly net meetings and there are regular visits between Vietnam and Germany. Sometimes we forward feedback or show photos from customers what makes our VN team usually feel proud somehow, but it is hard to really relate.
That means our production team has much more insight and identifies much more than „usual“ - but still they can not *really* understand.

Coat extension? Babywearing? Snow? European people? All this is so far away, measured in miles, but also in cultural respects.

On the other hand, we are often asked about where we produce.

Vietnam, south-east-Asia! Busy workers, subjected to unacceptable conditions of employment and exploitation. Child labour, cheapest production… this is the usual image. Because the distance between Germany and Vietnam is just as long as between Vietnam and Germany ;)

What would happen if Vietnamese workers can directly communicate with German customers? Wouldn’t our Vietnamese friends get a whole better picture? And wouldn’t our customers get an unique insight into the production background?

We want to show that production in south-east-Asia also works the fair and humane way. And that products are not automatically just anonymously machined, but are carefully handmade by real people. At the same time we want to show our workers that their work really matters and that the products are for real people as well. People who care about function, design and quality.

So this is the basic idea behind the TiMo project. Finding a name was easy: the „Ti“ stands for „Thien Ha Thuy“ (which means something like „the water falling from the sky“, which is probably just rain ;) ) and the „Mo“ comes from MamaMotion.
On, every employee has an individual page to be able to give some information and a personal name card that can be enclosed with the finished products. WhatsApp Messages can be sent to our central german phone number. Our production coordinator is Vietnamese and she will translate and forward the messages.
Actually, only some employees wanted to join the project up to now. We hope that we can overcome the concerns about it and are able to inspire our vietnamese colleagues in the long term :)